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Let's Talk About It

1) Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post. Moving truly got the best of me, and I forgot how much goes into moving your entire life.

2) Let's get going on the next post!

Tonight I was watching one of my favourite shows Brooklyn Nine Nine. In the episode, the main character wanted to defy orders and go in to an active shooter scene, guns blazing because one of his friends and fellow officers was involved. Instead he stayed with his unit and comforted them while they were all concerned about one of their own. In the moment he admits that situation sucks, there's no way to avoid it, so let's talk about it.

This is a principle we too often forget about, and sometimes it takes a sit-com to remind us. Life is hard. There's a million songs that tell us that. And unfortunately most of the time there's nothing we can do about it. So let's talk about it. Let's talk about how busy work is, or how your friend is pissing you off, or how the government is screwing up. Let's share our experiences and bond over them. Despite what people may try and tell you, there is nothing wrong with emotion, so just talk about it. It's one of the most human things you can do.

This may just be one big blog post about how Brooklyn Nine Nine is CONSIDERABLY more culturally relevant and poignant than I thought it would be when I started watching it. But hey, let's talk about it!




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