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What's Up Y'all

Hey everyone, this past year had a strong start but took a BIG slow down after a few months as far as this blog goes. I'm sure a few of you have wondered what has been up, and here is the tale.

After I left my job in February I took sometime to separate myself and just focus on me. And by that I mean watch a lot of Netflix. But it was what I needed. During this time I also took a trip to Florida to spend time with friends and went to New York with my mom to celebrate her birthday. Then in May I moved back to my hometown. Something I thought I would literally never do.

Moving back has been interesting. After living some crazy experiences meeting people I thought I could only dream of, being at home had just a few less insta-worthy moments. But this has allowed me to focus on me (for better or for worse), spend time with my family, and let others take care of me. On the one hand this has allowed for walls to open that had been constantly building up for the past seven years, but on the other hand I partially shut down.

Living at home has brought me a sense of much needed normalcy. I have a dog, I drive a car, I work at a place that encourages me not to work overtime. Hopefully this will help me mind find some mental normalcy as well. I don't want to say "New year, new me" but hopefully the turn of the calendar will provide me with a fresh new start and I can concentrate on my passions, including talking about and advocating for mental illness. So stay tuned, hopefully these posts will be a bit more regular.




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