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How Does This Help Future Kate?

Over the holidays as my butt was firmly planted on the couch, I read any number of Buzzfeed "19 Ways to Get Your Sh*t Together in 2019"-esque articles in the hope that I too could finally get my sh*t together (HA). Going into these I usually know that I am far too lazy for any of them to actually take root, but you never know when inspiration is going to strike. Also, what kind of millennial would I be if I wasn't scrolling through my phone while watching Netflix?

One of these posts I read was about how lazy people can get their chores done. It's like they knew me. Now, I couldn't tell you what the vast majority of the article said but one thing that stuck with me is thinking of doing chores as helping your future self. I like to think that I am a helpful person, so this resonated with me. Since the new year (aka a few days ago) I have been trying to ask myself how the little things I do will help my future self. Does leaving that knife in the sink instead of putting it in the dishwasher help my future self, or does it just create more work for her? If I have a few extra minutes in the morning, why don't I wash last night's couple of meal prep dishes so there isn't a pile for Future Kate to do later?

Y'all. It's working.

I've also been trying to take this idea and incorporate it into other areas of my life. How is eating that cookie dough going to help Future Kate? Well, in ten seconds she would have happy cookie belly but she's also going to have to eat a lot more salad if she doesn't want to have perpetual cookie belly. How is getting my lazy ass to the gym going to help Future Kate? Well, she's going to be sore as hell but maybe she'll be able to play with her niece and nephews more. Should I watch one more one-hour episode of the docu-series on Netflix? Future Kate may have one less episode to watch to find out whodunnit, but she's probably also going to be tired the next day and have troubles getting out of bed. You get the picture.

After spending the past several years of my life constantly moving around, it's hard to think of the long game. But unfortunately (or I guess fortunately) that's what life is. We have to think about how each decision we make, even something as small as whether or not you put that dirty knife into the sink or straight into the dishwasher, is going to affect our long game.

P.S. I really enjoy how I'm talking like some self-actualized influencer when I've literally just been implementing this mindset for a handful of days




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