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After writing my last post, I realized that there are a number of people who work in service or retail industries who are off work because of the coronavirus and are stuck at home without a regular work schedule. First of all, apologies for not being able to look outside of my own bubble. Second of all, because this is out of my bubble I am making up ideas that may or not work.

There was a period in my life where I was unemployed for about three months and didn't have a regular schedule. However during this time I had just come out of a work environment that was extremely detrimental to my health and I was in a deep depression. This basically meant that all day I laid on the couch in a depressive stupor watching Netflix.

So here is a list of ideas that I think would've helped at that time (or basically the opposite of everything I did) and that may be able to help you survive mass self-isolation:

  • Keep up a regular schedule. Set an alarm and wake up at a regular time, keep getting ready in the morning. This also means don't stay up late every night watching one (or 5) more episodes on Netflix.

  • Try making a schedule of things you enjoy doing. Maybe that's reading (hi, yes please), or... I honestly can't think of anything else because I really love reading. But whatever the things are that you enjoy, try making a schedule that includes them and maybe alternates with tasks on that to do list you never get to doing.

  • To that point, Spring Clean! It's officially spring, you're stuck at home, why not tackle that to do list that you always say you're going to work on then always find an excuse not to.

  • Be (virtually) social. Check in with your friends and see how they're doing. You can even video call them to make it more like you're hanging out. I remember in university my one friend and I would video call for hours and we would literally just be doing homework and eating supper, but we still got to hang out and be in each other's (virtual) presence.

  • Take this opportunity to try a new hobby. You may be limited by the tools at your disposal, but this could be your chance to finally learn how to knit or work on that language you haven't spoken since high school.

  • Make sure you're not spending your entire time laying on the couch in sweatpants watching Netflix. While that's okay for a couple of days, I would in no way recommend doing this. I am 90% certain that doing this only prolonged my mental healing as I didn't confront my issues or do things that make me happy.

So, again from a complete amateur, hopefully there is something in here that will help you. If all else fails, have a solo dance party in your living room. I have done this many a time, and I can recommend it.




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