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All it takes is a pandemic

As my work place tries to figure out how best to work through the coronavirus, those of us who have the ability to work from home were sent home for a couple of days to see how work capacity can continue. 30 minutes into my first day I realized what a complete and utter disaster zone my house had turn into. Of course it didn't help that I had just come off of a non-COVID-related cold and hadn't had the energy to clean for the past two weeks.

I have literally now spent hours cleaning (part of) my house. I have used products I didn't know I owned, I've found things that can be resold once we are re-allowed to enter society, and I've made my place so clean it literally shocked me when I saw it in the end. I even voluntarily cleaned the inside of my microwave for the first time in my life.

Usually I get tired after doing one task, but seeing one part so clean and another part still a disaster left me unsettled and kept me moving through it until I was able to get everything done.

I know that having a clean home helps with my mental health, but I kinda forgot how true this is. My empty countertops have weirdly emptied my mind to a point where I keep feeling like I need to be doing things. When I realized how messy my home was, I couldn't get settled or be productive. My mind (and every surface) was cluttered and I couldn't focus on the work in front of me. In retrospect, this makes sense considering that my desk is perfectly laid out with a minimal number of document laid out at 90* angles.

Not going to lie, looking at my kitchen is still kind of freaking me out (it's just so shiny), but it's so nice being able to prepare food wherever I want instead of wherever's available, or not having to push things out of the way to put my grocery bags down. And all it took was a global pandemic. Who woulda thunk?




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